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Theology Today Special Edition on Confirmation

Greetings from The Confirmation Project team! In October 2018, we held the Confirmation Conference at the Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary, where we shared the findings of the Confirmation Project and strategized with ministry leaders about practical steps in cultivating teen faith through confirmation and equivalent ministries. The lectures were so wonderful […]

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New Online Course: Cultivating Teen Faith in Context

The Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary now has a self-paced online course for those interested in learning from Cultivating Teen Faith. This 3-week course, which will run from January 27–February 16, 2019, would work well for an individual leader or for a group study. While the research was focused on confirmation, many of the […]

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How Do Presbyterian Churches USA Do Confirmation? Denominational Learnings Part 1

Today and over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our learnings particular to each of the five denominations we researched. Since our researchers Katie Douglass and Jacob Sorenson presented findings from The Confirmation Project at the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday and today (1/30-1/31-2018), we think it seems fitting to begin with […]

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Characteristics of Confirmation Class Part 1

In case you missed it on our social media channels, we’ve been posting about our research findings on the characteristics of confirmation class! We surveyed leaders to determine key confirmation program characteristics. In this Part 1 post, you’ll find an infographic with a bullet-point summary list of those characteristics, a second infographic with more details […]

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In Case You Missed It: Confirmation Sub-themes 1 and 2

In case you missed it on social media in the last two weeks, we explored the first two of nine recurring sub-themes in confirmation and related practices found in our qualitative research, plus a couple of illustrative church portraits. We’ll be posting about the rest of the sub-themes, and portraits illustrating many of them, in the coming weeks! […]

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The Tapestry of Confirmation: 9 Sub-theme “Threads”

Just in case you missed it on our social media channels, we’ve returned to an exploration of findings from our qualitative research! A few months ago, we discussed our qualitative research key learnings, along with four dimensions that surfaced regarding the design, leadership, ecology, and curriculum of confirmation. Now, we’ve turned our attention to nine recurring […]

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Confirmation Topics: Topic Emphasis

In case you missed it on our social media sites, we’ve been looking at topics covered in confirmation and related practices. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve explored the emphasis given to certain topics by the three groups surveyed: students, parents, and leaders. These topics include The Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, and The Place of […]

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Upcoming Workshop on Confirmation Project Research Findings

Are you rethinking how to strengthen the faith of youth and integrate them into the body of Christ? Join researcher Katie Douglass for a lecture and workshop at Mercer Island Presbyterian Church on May 23, 2017 to learn about research findings from the Confirmation Project! After the lecture, reflect on your own program with other ministry […]

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