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When will The Confirmation Project questionnaires be distributed?

The Confirmation Project questionnaires will be distributed in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Who is being surveyed?

Ministers, parents, volunteers, and youth who are or will be involved in confirmation during the fall of 2014 and the spring of 2015 or the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016 will be surveyed.

What if my church is not conducting confirmation this year (or right now)?

If your congregation is not conducting confirmation this year we would still love to hear from the ministry team who leads the program (including any ministers, volunteers, mentors, or parent leaders). Please do not distribute the survey to confirmands who have already been confirmed – only those “in process” or who will be participating before March 2016. Contact us with any questions.

How are camps involved in this study?

Christian camping ministry has a significant role in the Confirmation Project, and this promises to provide the most comprehensive picture to date of the nature and significance of this important ministry to the work of the Church. Each camp affiliated with one of the five denominations will be surveyed, and several camps will be visited in summer 2015. For access to the camp survey, contact Jacob Sorenson.

Who will the questionnaires be sent to?

The questionnaire will be sent to the main minister, priest, or pastor listed for the congregation, according to the list provided by each denomination. This will likely be the lead or head minister. If your congregation is in transition, this will be sent to the congregations general email address.

The list of congregations has been filtered so that only congregations who have had at least one confirmand in the last two years will be sent invitations, by email, to participate in the survey.

The success of this study is dependent upon YOU! If you are the head minister, priest, or pastor, great, look for an email from us in October. If you are a parent, volunteer, or youth, please tell the minister at your church to look for an email from us this October and tell them how important you believe it is that your congregation participates in this study.

What should I do if my congregation wants to participate, but we do not get an email?

Please contact us and provide the best email address to use to contact the person in charge of confirmation in your congregation.

If your congregation is not affiliated with one of the five denominations that are a part of our study, we apologize that you will not be a part of this study. If you are interested in participating in a future study on this topic please let us know.

How will the questionnaires be distributed?

One person, the head minister, for example, in each congregation will receive an email from The Confirmation Project to participate in the survey. This email will have a link to a questionnaire that can be forwarded to all parents, youth, and volunteers who are involved in confirmation in that congregation.

When an individual follows the link, the first question will be “Are you a minister, parent, youth, or volunteer?” They will then be directed to the appropriate survey.

When should the questionnaires be completed?

We would like for all surveys to be completed by the end of the month – October for the first wave, and May for the second wave. We will send a reminder email in case this floats to the bottom of your “to do” list.

Where do I send paper surveys once my youth have completed them?

Attention: Maggie Gentry
Walker Information, Inc.
301 Pennsylvania Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46280 USA

When will the findings of this study be available?

Congregational Portraits are now available here. You can also learn from our researchers through our webinars or podcasts. You can also check our calendar for upcoming events. Please sign up to be on our mailing list to be notified of any additional reports, publications, or conferences.

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