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Characteristics of Confirmation Class Part 1

In case you missed it on our social media channels, we’ve been posting about our research findings on the characteristics of confirmation class! We surveyed leaders to determine key confirmation program characteristics. In this Part 1 post, you’ll find an infographic with a bullet-point summary list of those characteristics, a second infographic with more details about characteristics 1 and 2, and a portrait illustrating them, the Episcopal Diocese of California and St. James Episcopal Church Oakland. Just for good measure, we’re also including our newest portrait, Zion Lutheran Church in Loveland, CO!

Stay tuned for details about the rest of the characteristics in the next couple of weeks.

Characteristics of Confirmation Class

Characteristics of Confirmation Class–Details on 1 & 2

Portrait for Characteristics of Confirmation Class Items 1 & 2: The Episcopal Diocese of California and St. James Episcopal Church Oakland

Looking at the portrait of Episcopal Diocese of California and St. James Episcopal Church Oakland with the first two characteristics of confirmation class in mind (1. CONTROL & STANDARDS ARE DECENTRALIZED and 2. PROGRAMS ARE CLERGY-CENTERED), one finds an interesting blend of characteristics where the Diocese has oversight and influence yet programs are definitely tailored to the individual congregations. “…this congregation sits at the intersection of multiple thresholds, seeking to honor diocesan commitments, congregational traditions, and cultural rituals.” If you haven’t yet read their portrait, you’ll find it a good read! You can view it at


New Portrait: Zion Lutheran Church, Loveland, CO

We have just published a new portrait in our portrait gallery! In this portrait, Terri Elton looks at Zion Lutheran Church – Loveland, an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation where mission drives and shapes community, character, and ministry – and confirmation ministry is one of them! Be sure not to miss this gem! Find it at


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