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Two New Portraits and Webinar Reminder

Hello Friends,

We are excited to share two more congregational portraits with you. These two congregations do confirmation in very meaningful, and almost completely opposite ways. You will read in Kenda Creasy Dean’s portrait of Kingston United Methodist Church in Kingston, New Jersey about confirmation happening in a one-on-one relationship, virtually, across the Atlantic Ocean, that has been created as an “individualized education plan” for one youth in this small, but active congregation. Lisa Kimball takes us to the Pacific coast, to St. John’s in Oakland, California, the birthplace of the “Confirm not Conform” confirmation curriculum, where youth asked for a rite of passage that was similar to their Jewish friends. Both of these congregations exemplify what it means to do ministry in a way that is attentive to context. You can view the portraits here.

On this Wednesday, December 9th at 11am EST you are invited to join us for a webinar with Terri Elton and Lisa Kimball where they will share some of our research findings on Reimagining Confirmation: Themes, Practices, and Particularities. You can find the link to the webinar here. All of our past webinars are available under the “Resources” link on our website, both in video and podcast form.

Katie Douglass

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