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Survey Open and Two New Portraits

The second year of The Confirmation Project national survey is open! If you are in one of the five denominations in this study and have not yet participated, please let us know through the “Contact Us” link on our website and we will send you a survey link for youth, parents, volunteers, and ministry leaders involved in confirmation or equivalent practices in your congregation. This is a two wave study. Youth will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks or for participating in the first wave and a $10 gift card for participating in the second, which will be distributed after March 28, 2016! Youth must participate in the first wave to be eligible for participation in the second wave.


Two new congregational portraits are available on our website! You can read in a congregation portrait by Jacob Sorenson, about Lutherlyn, an ELCA camp In Butler, Pennsylvania, that provides a holy wilderness space where youth are invited to go deeper in their faith as they go through the confirmation process. Rick Osmer tells the story of Westchester Presbyterian Church, a Korean congregation in New Rochelle, New York that invites youth into a high intensity traditional learning setting where youth prepare for and present at confirmation class each week.


Mark your calendar for January 29th from 1-2pm EST for a webinar with Shonda Gladden. Shonda will be sharing her insights from The Confirmation Project research on “Confirmation and Identity Formation.”
Katie Douglass


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