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Confirmation Sub-theme 4: Faith-forming Ecology

In case you missed it on our social media channels, we posted about the fourth of nine recurring sub-themes in confirmation and related practices found in our qualitative researchFaith-forming Ecologyplus a sidebar post about the special role of camps and retreat centers. We also posted an illustrative portrait, that of Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center near Oregon, IL.  Stay tuned for the rest of the sub-themes, and portraits illustrating many of them, in the coming weeks!

Feel free to browse the entire portrait collection here.

Subtheme 4: Faith-forming Ecology

Sidebar to Sub-theme 4: The Special Role of Camps & Retreat Centers in Faith-forming Ecology

Portrait: Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center, Oregon, IL

“Confirmation is not about getting confirmed any more than being Christian is about going to church. Confirmation is learning to walk the journey of faith, the path of discipleship, and the young people need travel companions for the journey more than they need correct answers. Without trusted travel companions that can show them the meaning along the way, they see the Bible as an old book, worship services as burdens to be endured, and David’s Tower [a hike destination at the camp] as a broken down building.” This reflection is from the portrait of Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center outside Oregon, IL, which exemplifies elements of sub-theme 4, FAITH-FORMING ECOLOGY. You can read it at!

The Adventure at David’s Tower

The Castle at Camp Stronghold

The Castle at Camp Stronghold

The Camp Community Gathers for a Game of Big Friz

The Camp Community Gathers for a Game of “Big Friz”

Two friends offer a helping hand.

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