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Will we see you at the NEXT Church Conference?

As the project manager, I get to connect with ministry leaders around the country as they gather at conferences to reflect on how we form Christians. Perhaps we have connected at one of these events! I have attended several continuing education events, as well as a seminary reunion where I have encountered church leaders who are interested in what is happening in the world of confirmation. Most have been at PC (USA) sponsored events, but I have also talked with the denominations we are in partnership with, as well as some outside the project’s scope and I can tell there is a buzz about confirmation.

At APCE, the Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators, The Confirmation Project was brought into the conversation in Candace Hill’s workshop, Flipping the Classroom, when the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham Michigan was used as an example of innovative teaching methods as they flip the classroom for confirmation. At the Princeton Theological Seminary Reunion I spoke with several pastors about creative ways to encourage the youth to participate in the survey process of the project. At a Transitional and Interim Pastor Training program pastors were excited about using our findings to help congregations in times of transition and visioning. They proposed helping congregations ask, “how does confirmation fit into our vision?”

I am looking forward to attending the NEXT CHURCH gathering in Chicago March 16 to discover where confirmation intersects with the new happenings in the church. I plan to check out John Vest’s workshop, “Confirmation as a Catalyst for Change,” perhaps I will see you there. If you are attending the Next Conference and want to connect, you can send me a note through the “Contact Us” link on our website.

Kristie Finley

The Confirmation Project
Project Manager

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