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Two New Confirmation Portraits

This week we are sharing two portraits, both of which hold high expectations for confirmands — but that is almost the only thing they have in common.

In close proximity to Southern Methodist University, Union, a coffee house ministry in Dallas, Texas, reaches out to college age young adults. They invite young people to commit or recommit to a vibrant faith life by filling a spiritual “Bento box” with spiritual practices, mentors, and reflection on their beliefs. Joy L. Arroyo shares the story of this innovative UMC church plant in this portrait on Union that has moved away from “confirmation” language to the more locally meaningful terminology of “The Union Way.”

Trinity Lutheran Church in Owatanna, Minnesota expects youth to turn in “36 worship notes” and fulfill 20 hours of community service. In addition to these attendance expectation, Terri Elton explains how a shift to a “university” model has had a positive affect on integrating youth into congregational life while intensifying their own faith in this somewhat traditional confirmation program.

Katie Douglass

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