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Lisa Kimball

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Video greeting from Lisa.
Dr. Lisa Kimball is the Director of the Center for Ministry of Teaching, and Professor of Christian Formation and Congregational Leadership at Virginia Theological Seminary.
Having just graduated from Stanford University with an A.B. in Human Biology (concentration in Cross-Cultural Communications), Lisa accepted a coffee-hour invitation to help with the church youth group. Twenty years later, having served on the staff of five Episcopal congregations two dioceses, and as a consultant/trainer across the United States, she received her Ph.D. in Work, Community, and Family Education from the University of Minnesota. Lisa’s dissertation, “Being Godparent: A Dialogical Hermeneutic Study of Godparenthood” wove together her interests in human development, experiential learning, faith formation, church history, and popular culture.
Lisa’s research, teaching, and frequent public speaking focus on the significance of intentional faith formation in everyday life, and the relationship between Christian education and healthy faith communities in times of rapidly changing demographics and shifting patterns of religiosity. Currently Lisa is paying close attention to the effective use of digital technologies in ministry. She hosts an annual e-Formation learning exchange for church leaders, and can be heard with three colleagues on the fun podcast, “Easter People: Hopeful Conversations about Faith and Culture.”

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