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Rethinking Confirmation Conference

Hi there!

Many thanks to all of you who were at Luther Seminary to “Rethink” Confirmation with us! We had wonderful discussions and conversations ranging from, “It seems that God keeps using confirmation to make disciples even though we keep flubbing it up!” to inspiring stories of congregations where confirmation has positively shaped the entire ecology of Christian formation to include parents and mentors in the learning process.

Our team has been working together since 2013 on this project and it was wonderful to begin to share some findings this past week. As we shared at the conference, we are only at the beginning of looking into our data for meaningful trends and innovative practices that strengthen discipleship in youth. You can plan to hear a lot more this coming year!

As promised, we plan to share the keynote presentations from this event through our website. You can go to the Luther Seminary website now to view slides of the presentations. The videos of these keynotes will be available soon.


Katie Douglass

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