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Purpose of Confirmation: Leaders Emphasize Theology/Doctrine

In case you missed it on our social media channels, we’re sharing the data relating to the purpose of confirmation and equivalent practices. Here’s Part 3, relating to leaders’ perception.

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Leaders emphasize THEOLOGY/DOCTRINE: When leaders were asked, “How important is it to you that these 25 topics be covered in confirmation?” three topics were considered to be the most important: Baptism (97% very or extremely important), the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion (96% very or extremely important), and the Bible (97% very or extremely important). It is notable that the Likert score averages of these items (4.74, 4.74, and 4.72, respectively) were numerically higher and statistically no different from the importance placed on the essential goals of confirmation: “Get to raise questions concerning faith” (4.72) and “Be strengthened in faith” (4.65). Neither students nor parents placed an equivalent level of importance on any topics (all average levels of importance were statistically lower than leader averages for these three topics). It is noteworthy that these three topics align with the Protestant doctrinal emphasis on Word and Sacrament.

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