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AME History and New Portrait

In our project, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of African Methodist Episcopal churches. Their methods of discipleship and confirmation equivalent practices have been varied throughout history and are especially so in the contemporary church. These churches have significantly enriched our research, particularly in ways that extend the concept of confirmation beyond programs specifically referred to as “Confirmation.”

In preparation for our work with the AME churches, one of our researchers, the Reverend Shonda Nicole Gladden, prepared a preliminary document about the history of confirmation and discipleship practices within the AME church. Her document, which you can find here, will serve as a great introduction to a new portrait about The 4th Episcopal District Christian Education Congress of the AME.

In this portrait, you will find an intergenerational discipleship experience where youth are given the chance to help shape the future of the AME as they transition into full participation in the church. These conferences have the potential to act as incubators of creativity, spaces of inter-generational re-imagination, testing sites for new discipleship methods, and igniters of religious passion. You can read the portrait here and read other portraits in our gallery.

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